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Insufferable Girl Breakfast

Cooking | Creative Direction | Menu Development | Event Production


Three girls who love cooking, and love incessantly posting about their cooking, come together to host a pop-up home cafe (and let's be honest, a content farm) to raise money for women's rights organisations. 


Mushroom tuna onigiri

Chilli crisp congee 

Miso charred chicken roll

Cookies, ube or matcha white chocolate

Madeleines, choc dipped or pandan coconut

Vietnamese coffee sponge cake

Cooks: Cheyenne Bardos, Jackie Yu (@bb.flambe), Gaya Manoharan (@tableatgayas)

Volunteers: Felynn Zhang, Will Farley, @lumiem, @allyzli, @leanne.l1

Photographer: Arvin Prem Kumar

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